Our Current Series: The Gospel of Mark

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We're all bombarded with lies about what we need to do in order to make it. Sometimes we fall into the trap of believing the lies, and hold onto fear, or guilt, or man-made rules, believing these things will help us to change. But they don't. Only God's grace can really change us, and that's really good news. Zacchaeus changed almost in an instant, because of an encounter with the grace of God. Questions for Life-groups: 1. Have you ever felt pressurised to change in a negative way? 2. What difference does God's grace make to your aspirations? 3. How do God's grace towards us and our commitment to Him work together?
Isaiah saw a vision of God in Chapter 6. His reaction was to realise just how sinful he was “I am a man of unclean lips” (v5). As we see the Lord we become more aware of our sin. Incredibly, the Lord who sits on the throne is also the Lamb that Isaiah saw in Chapter 53, who was led to the slaughter; One on whom was laid the sin of us all (v6). This is Grace undeserved. The people with unclean lips made holy by the One in whom there was ‘no deceit in his mouth’ (v9). Questions for Life-groups: 1. In what ways is the Lord leading you into deeper repentance? 2. When was the last time you remember receiving something very good which you didn’t deserve?
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