Our Current Series: The Gospel of Mark

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Hope is a commodity lacking in our society. Hope is not wishful thinking as is often imagined, but its Biblical definition implies a joyful certainty. Our hope is in eternal life that Jesus has bought for us and given to us freely through His death on the cross. Eternal life is a promise for all those who believe and it’s a life in relationship with God full of joy and great pleasure. It is an abundant life. Questions for Life-groups: 1. Are you a hopeful person? What stops you being filled with hope? 2. What things are you looking forward to with joyful certainty? 3. How does the thought of eternal life affect you?
Faith that moves mountains prepares the way for the Lord, His purposes and His return. This type of faith seen through the eyes of Abraham and exemplified through Jesus requires 1. Making a start; 2. Receiving God’s provisions; 3. Perseverance; 4. Miracles. Will we be a people of mountain-moving faith? Questions for Life-groups: 1. What areas of faith mentioned do we find most difficult in attaining? 2. What mountains do you want to see moved? 3. How will you make a start?

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