One of the wonderful aspects of being a Christian, a believer in Jesus, is that Christ is in us – and we are in Him! (John 14:20 and Colossians 1:27). So,when we consider the HOPE that we have, yes we have a glorious future – going to be with God for eternity! But we also have a wonderful “down payment” of heaven – Christ in us now. This means many important things for us. But one of them is to rejoice in God. Yes – to REJOICE! – actively and purposefully. Whether we feel like it or not, rejoicing in God our Saviour needs to be a key characteristic of our lives. We shall consider this by looking at Romans 5:1 – 12. Questions for Lifegroup: 1. We need to always remember that as a Christian, Christ is in us. John 14:15 – 23 shows Jesus dwells in us by the Holy Spirit. Have you been baptised in the Holy Spirit? If you know you have been filled with the Spirit, what may you need to do to live a more Spirit-filled life? 2. What scriptures could we meditate on to help us rejoice during trials? What other action can we take to purposefully rejoice in God during trials?

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