So why should we be interested in this “Tent of Meeting” anyway? Isn’t it just an old tent? The Tent of Meeting is really exciting. It is an amazing symbol and part of God’s plan to bring human kind back into relationship with Him, a relationship that was damaged by sin in the Garden of Eden. Like so much of God’s plan, it is revealed little by little and at each step there are important things for us to learn about Him and ourselves. Let’s consider the Tent of Meeting and how it might help us relate more closely to the living God. Questions for Lifegroup: 1. How does the way people responded to meeting God in the Old Testament make you feel? 2. How do you feel about approaching God with “reverence”? How might these feelings affect your prayer life? 3. What do you hope for when seeking God’s presence?
Does anyone like waiting? Personally, I hate traffic, particularly if I need to be somewhere and I am worried that I will now be late. Today we explore what God’s word says about patience leading to hope. When you know the end result, waiting can be so much easier. Through the Good News we know! Let’s also flip it on its head and consider how God’s patience leads us to have hope. Today is a day filled with hope because of Jesus Christ. Questions for Lifegroup: 1. In what ways might you be stuck waiting for something or frustrated in life? 2. How can adopting a biblical view change this? 3. What areas of your life do you feel you should change? What is holding you back?

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