At Hope Church we are longing to know God better and to see him at work more and more in north Shrewsbury and beyond. So we pray! Prayer meetings are dynamic and exciting places to be – the boiler room of the church. As we worship God and lay out our petitions before him, he hears, he listens, he responds, he acts, he guides us and reassures us.

We meet on Friday mornings at the church offices 9.30-10.30 am and on the last Thursday of most months 7.30-9.00 pm.

Additionally, we have a dedicated week of prayer and fasting bi-annually in the Autumn and Spring. During these weeks we have a nightly prayer meeting to pray for specific themes such as the local area, healing or the Persecuted Church. Fasting is a personal choice between participants and God; some members choose to fast from social media, others from food for the whole week. There is no expectation, fasting is a way of us drawing closer to God and using the time we would be involved in those activities, for prayer and reflection on all God has given us.

If you would like someone to pray for you individually, please ask after our Sunday meeting, or ring the church office to arrange an appointment to meet up with people who would be glad to pray with you.

Church office address:

Hope Church Offices
Grafton Mews

01743 272465
Charity no. 110949
Company no. 5385183

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