Faith that moves mountains prepares the way for the Lord, His purposes and His return. This type of faith seen through the eyes of Abraham and exemplified through Jesus requires 1. Making a start; 2. Receiving God’s provisions; 3. Perseverance; 4. Miracles. Will we be a people of mountain-moving faith? Questions for Life-groups: 1. What areas of faith mentioned do we find most difficult in attaining? 2. What mountains do you want to see moved? 3. How will you make a start?
Why do you want to please God? How can I please God? Hebrews 11 says “Without faith it is impossible to please God”, but what does “faith” mean in practice? Is a particular type of faith more pleasing than others? We will explore the context of stories in Hebrews 11 to establish an “ABC” (and “DEF”) of faith which pleases God. Lord increase our faith!! Questions for Life-groups: 1. Who do you most like to please? Why them? 2. Is there a difference between belief and faith? If so, what is the difference? 3. Which of the characters in Hebrews 11v1-23 speaks most directly to you about what it means to “have faith that pleases God” in your current situation? Why?

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