1 Peter 3

The heart of the message of 1 Peter is summed up very well by John Piper (Desiring God) "In God's omnipotent care for you, as chosen, new-born, forgiven, cherished, spirit-empowered people of God. Be so fully satisfied in God's promised grace and glory that your lives are marked by blessing your adversaries, and by overflowing with good deeds with the aim that unbelievers might be won over and enjoy the glory of God with you forever". We see this worked out as Peter encourages us to be godly wives and husbands. To dearly love each other in our church family and to keep on doing good - even in the face of persecution and suffering. This is all wrapped in the Victory of Christ. Questions for Lifegroup: 1a) Wives: What do you need to do to be more devoted to your husband? b) How can we encourage the wives in Hope Church to love and honour their husbands more? 2a) Husbands: What area do you need to grow in more? To honour, lead or protect? b) How can we encourage the husbands in Hope Church to lead well? 3) Think of some examples of where we are loving one another well at Hope Church. 4a) How do you remain full of joy in times of persecution? b) What does a pure life look like?

1 Peter 2

In 1 Peter 2, Peter tells the new believers in the various Roman provinces that Jesus Christ is the Living Stone; the promised Messiah prophesied by numerous people in the Old Testament (or Covenant). He goes on to teach and explain that born-again believers are a chosen people, living stones being built into a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices to God through Jesus Christ. Peter then urges those believers to live godly lives in a pagan society. That was two thousand years ago. Has anything changed or if we really are a holy priesthood, what does that mean for us living here and now? Questions for Lifegroup: 1. How can we rid ourselves of all kinds of sin and crave spiritual milk instead? 2. If we truly believe the Word of God, that we are a holy priesthood, how can we become who we already are? 3. Discuss ways that we can live godly lives in a nominally Christian society.

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