1 Peter 5

Peter closes his first letter with some more encouragements, instructions and warnings. He's asking the church to take it seriously, and for good reason, there is a lot at stake. As we take God's blessings seriously, then we can take our life seriously too. Questions for Lifegroup: 1. Do you have any leadership responsibilities (including at church/work/parenthood)? How does this passage encourage and challenge you? 2. Does it seem realistic to be alert and vigilant, but free from anxieties as you follow Christ? How do you want God to help you with this? 3. If you wrote a letter to your younger self (say 10 years ago), what would you say?

1 Peter 4

This week we are going to get practical. We will face the challenge of obedience and suffering. Neither of these subjects is appealing, giving up autonomy or enjoyment. However, 1 Peter 4 shows us not only to expect them but that both can result in real blessing. Once we recognise that we are stewards, not owners for eternity, we are released to use what we have much more effectively. Once we put suffering in biblical perspective, we can have hope through it, and even come to understand that there can be benefit. Questions for Lifegroup: 1. What gifts, possessions or abilities, has God given you at this time? 2. How could you steward these to bring more glory to Him? 3. Have you ever been mocked, had real challenges or suffered when you were innocent? What was your response? How does this change in the light of 1 Peter 4?

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