2 Peter 2

We are gleefully told that we live in a ‘post-truth’ society. In simple words, we are told and encouraged to live as though there is no such thing as absolute truth and that you can make up your own truth, believe anything you want (unless you believe there is an absolute truth) and no one has the authority to tell you otherwise. Jesus says that He is, ‘...the way, the truth and the life...’. Peter warns us that false teachers and their heresies, made up stories and lies will be amongst us. We know that everywhere the Bible and Word of God, is scorned, twisted and used to justify almost anything. Peter makes clear the judgement and condemnation that awaits false teachers and their willing followers. God has already taken care of them. Our concern should be making sure that we stick to the truth and don’t fall into the traps Satan and his false teachers have laid for us. Questions for Lifegroup: 1. How can we recognise false teachers and false teaching? 2. Why do we need to be constantly on our guard against their lies and made up stories? 3. What can we do as individuals and a church do to protect ourselves from the dangerous effects of false teaching?

2 Peter 1

This second letter is a reminder to the believers that Jesus is returning. It is a call to live for Him through knowing Him and knowing the scriptures which are all about Him and the Apostles witness who wrote the New Testament about Him. It is a warning to be alert against false teachers and prophets who are teaching something different from the Scriptures and the Apostles witness (NT). It’s a reminder that Jesus will return like He promised. Above all get ready for Him. In Chapter 1 Peter exhorts his readers who have believed in Jesus and who have received the Holy Spirit to act upon their faith in order to be fruitful. He reminds them that the Old Testament scriptures reveal all they have believed to be true about Jesus as well as the fact that he himself has witnessed Jesus life, death and resurrection. Questions for Lifegroup: 1. Have you believed in Jesus? Have you received the promised Holy Spirit? 2. Are you becoming fruitful in your life as a follower of Christ? How are you growing in goodness, knowledge, self-control, steadfastness, godliness, brotherly kindness and love? 3. Is your faith solely based on feelings which can change or are you convinced of the facts of its objective truth?
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