There are lots of opportunities to serve at Hope Church:


On the first Sunday of each month, pairs of adults distribute bread and red juice among anyone who wants to participate in the Lord’s Supper, and pray for everyone in their group. Children take communion at the discretion of their parents/carers.

Children's groups

We currently have one children’s group running on Sunday afternoons. The leaders follow a scheme such as ___. The older children and teenagers are encouraged to participate as helpers on a rota basis.


We have four elders who oversee all that happens in Hope Church. They do most of the teaching on Sundays and share the pastoral and administrative elements of caring for the church.

Meet the elders…


There are currently four lifegroups led by pairs of people. Lifegroups usually meet weekly during school term time.

Overhead projector

We are very grateful to our young people for making up this team.


The PA team work hard to set up the desk and cabling etc on Sundays and they record the Sunday talk which is then made available online.


Pairs of people visit those who are part of Hope Church but who cannot make it to our normal gatherings due to, for example, illness or disability.


The board of [how many?] trustees oversee the legal responsibilities, financial operations and other technical aspects of the church.


Worship at Hope Church is overseen by Andy Lowe who rotas the worship leaders and other musicians for Sunday gatherings and sometimes prayer meetings.


Our smiliest people welcome everyone arriving at our Sunday gathering.

Youth group

Invite is our youth group that starts at 18.30 on alternative Sundays, we have youth from multiple churches in the area gather to meet together and lean more about God in their lives, and how they can be a shining example to others in their lives. 

Church office address:

Hope Church Offices
Grafton Mews

01743 272465
Charity no. 110949
Company no. 5385183

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